Lights for Daily Life

Good Works at work

Dear Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for the job I have.  Many people are jobless today and you have provided a place where I can help support my family and bring in an income.

I want to serve you in every facet of my life—not just at home and with my family, but at work and in other areas where I am needed as well.

Sometimes the stress gets to me and I forget to lean on you when the pressure is intense. There are no reminders in my secular environment that you are available to me twenty-four hours a day. I don’t want to wait until things get too overwhelming for me before I remember to come to you.  Help me to keep you at the forefront of my mind and heart.

Lord, there are many people who know that I am a Christian and many people who do not.  I want your reputation to precede me and guide my actions and reactions to the issues life brings my way.

Help me to be a good witness in the honest way I deal with my business and the respect I give to others. Help me to inspire my coworkers to strive toward righteousness. Help me resist the devil’s way – i know he wants to tempt me away from you.

Let your light so shine through me that I draw people to me.  Bless me with good working environment, favor and a life that is so amazing others will want to know what is the source of my blessing.  Let me always remember to give the credit back to you, Lord.

In Jesus’ precious name, guard my mouth and the testimony that my life reflects upon the God I serve.  Amen.

(via Shalom Be With You)

Lights against Fear and Doubt

3am glass of water

Abba Father, yesterday I was reminded that only a child would wake up a king at 3am for a glass of water or because of a nightmare. You are the King of kings and You generously grant us that kind of access to You and Your heart, always. Remind me of that wonderful truth and keep me steadfast in my trust of Your loving kindness toward me. Keep my heart fixed on Your fatherly care for me, on Your tender promises for my well being. Do not let me get lost in worries, fears and doubts, like a child gets overwhelmed by night terrors. Wrap me in Your warm embrace and make me brave as You whisper that I am Your beloved child and that You are with me always. In Your Son’s Holy name I pray, AMEN.

“Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.” (Matt 6:8)


When your dreams don’t come true

Father God, how thankful I am that You love this stiff-necked woman. Forgive me for all of the times I have pulled back from You when things haven’t gone my way. Help me to be more like Moses, Lord. Help me to follow You even in the midst of disappointment. Help me to willingly sow into others – even when they’re doing what I long to do. And help me to delight in You daily instead of living with my eyes fixed on some distant destination. I want to live a life where I am less “entitled” and more obedient and faithful, less “arrival”-minded and more right now presence enjoying, less about me and more about Your Kingdom, less grumbly and more life-speaking no matter what. Today, I say “yes.” Even if the dreams I am carrying right now are never realized, I will follow You. Amen.

(via Learning to Live for His Glory)


For a babe

Dear God
of Goodness and Grace,
Hold us close.
We’re sad and hopeful,
anxious and excited,
longingly waiting
for the moment of conception.
May it be your will that
the life of our child begins soon.
Choose the best from us both
form a new soul.
Place it ever so gently
in my womb
where I will nurture and protect
the precious gift of life
I am about to receive.
(via beliefnet)

Obedience and Works

Thank You for leading me, God. I pray that Your strength and wisdom would be with me as I make decisions that follow Your path. Help me to put Your Word to the test in my life so that my obedience will be a blessing to everyone who sees You working in me. Lord, help me to stay focused on You so the obstacles that come up won’t seem impossible to overcome. I know all things are possible through You, and I thank You for the privilege of doing any small task that brings You glory. Let my name be forgotten, Lord, and Yours be remembered. Amen.

(via Joyce Meyer Ministries)


Prayer for a husband

Lord, I come to you with a cry for my husband. Thank you for the influence you have given me in his life. Use me to affirm him, his purpose in Your kingdom, and the gifts You have given him. When he looks into my eyes, I want him to experience Your love an compassion. When he hears my voice calling his name, let him hear Your voice delighting in him. When he hears me talk about him, confirm for him the value of his life as Your creation.

Lights against Fear and Doubt

Dear Lord, as my loved ones and I await the results of medical tests about my affliction, let us offer you our anxieties for our good and your glory. Calm us in our worries, knowing these don’t add wisdom but rather stress to this situation. Enlighten us, though the power of your Spirit, to make wise decisions as to treatment. Help us not to turn away from You in these fragile, painful moments, but rather towards you for grace and strength. Comfort us in seeking you now as we place all our concerns in your loving hands as we say “Thy Will Be Done.”

Have no anxiety, but in every prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. (Phil 4:6)

(via Our Catholic Prayers)