Lights for Trust and Faithfulness

The Road Ahead

Lord, I’ve come a long way already and I can not give enough praises to You for all the blessings I am given. Yet I know there is still uncertainty and challenges ahead, and weariness makes me sensitive to the devil’s whisperings.

Please, my Savior, my Friend, keep holding my hand so that the road does not scare me anymore. Make it so that I joyfully accept that I can’t possibly understand Your plan for me and that, therefore, all I can do is follow the path ahead.

Protect me from the evil one, Christ Jesus, keep him away and wrap your love around me a little more tightly. Make me feel Your presence always, like a thick comforting blanket, so that I can welcome the last weeks of my winter with more grace and trust.

If it is Your will for me, Lord, open these gates I see ahead of me. Let me enter soon that call You have prepare for me. Let me see Your footprints, and in them plant my own. Guide me, call me, draw me and uphold me to the end, my Savior and my friend. Amen.

(partly inspired by  John Ernest Bode)


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