Lights for Daily Life, Lights for Healing

Strong hearts

Almighty God,

You see our shortcomings and difficulties; please have mercy on us. We are weak, but You are the Divine Healer and Strengthener of all hearts and souls. Where there is even but a trace of weariness or carelessness, put even more love, joy, patience, and understanding. Make our bond so strong that we may never surrender to whatever challenges may come our way

Bless us with a peaceful, happy relationship, and help us radiate our mutual, thriving love out into the world. Bring us together emotionally and spiritually for the highest good of all those whose lives we touch, and for the greater good of humankind. Guide us to do Your will in this world, to love and respect each other, and to be Your representatives among the people.

Thank You for Your kindness toward us, frail as we may be, and for the strength of Your Loving Spirit manifesting in our hearts. Amen

(inspired by Linda Jo Martin)


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