Lights for Daily Life, Lights for Thankfulness

Mundane or Miraculous?

Gracious God, help us to learn to feel more gratitude,as I know this is a sure route to happiness. We all spends so much of his time looking up at the great things that will come our way and planning our future happiness and not nearly enough time looking down and thinking about how badly we used to want so many of the things we currently have. We are not completely ungrateful, Lord, You can see in our hearts and therefore You know that. But we are often feeble enough to wallow in wanting instead of thanking. Open our hearts and eyes to the miracles of the everyday. Help us feel grateful for what we have – a cold monday morning (during which we are alive and healthy), returning to work after vacations (we are lucky to have jobs AND vacations!) – for what we are tempted to brush off as mundane is part of Your gifts to us, and as such, yet another blessing, yet another reason to praise You Lord. Amen.


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